The new year begins with fad diets suddenly springing up marking new year’s goals/resolutions. Little do people realize that optimizing health and fitness have to be a constant in your daily life for it to be sustainable. After the Christmas and new year’s revelry, the only resolutions that are present are that of guilty promises. Over indulgence of food and spirits cause these insanely lofty targets to be the crux of your January existence. Look around and you will see all the marketing gimmicks of discounts on gym memberships/ weight loss programs coming up on your email and every social media site. Attractive prices and your own guilt often make you subscribe to either one or even both. What lasts out beyond the first 2 months are only the EMIs.

Fad diets are the ones that suddenly become popular because of celebs, media attention, and peer pressure. I can’t stress enough that there is no food plan that is a one fits all kind. Factors differ right from the usual age/gender to the ones that are rarely put into perspective like genetics, body framework, local food availability, place of residence, work environment, religion/culture, social life, relationship status, other health, and many more details. The entire last year went into a frenzy of keeping metabolism high by eating every 2 hours, keto diets, vegan and gluten-free. This year has begun with 16hr fasting trending high. People tend to get impressed by what they see on the media, without consulting their regular physicians who have the history about their past ailments, or even simply understanding the logistics may work differently because of their individual lifestyle.

A celeb at shoot may be putting in more hours of expendable energy and hence eating a meal every 2 hours would be correct. The same will not work for a stay at home housewife who probably enjoys her afternoon siesta and TV indulgence after a hyperactive morning with her daily chores. A person staying in a cold climatic place will be able to digest more calorie intake without putting on weight as the body needs the fueling to keep warm. The same diet for a person in Mumbai will result in weight gain. A diabetic person following a 16hr fasting diet may end up adversely affecting their body insulin levels. A keto diet may pressure the kidneys and up cholesterol levels of a person over a period of time, if they are not able to flush out the extensive toxins created every day. The list of examples can be endless.

I am writing this to create awareness not to indulge in fad diets and affect their health adversely. Please consult a proper doctor, check all your parameters, understand all the other factors before following an intense diet which does not fall into the ambit of regular sustainable meals. We at Back2basics, work with individuals, understanding their lifestyles, everyday needs, family support, and constraints, giving them a food plan that can be adhered to as an easy lifestyle change. Nothing drastic can ever happen without repercussions, so be aware.  Changes have to be sustainable for results to be long-lasting.

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