The mere mention of Cancer sends almost a tremor down our spine. It is no longer a word that we read about or see in films and documentaries. The spread of Cancer is now almost an epidemic. Each of us have someone in the family or our friends suffering from this deadly disease. As science continues to develop and find new cures, the treatment and care of the ones already having Cancer takes an alarming toll on the families. We must consider ourselves extremely privileged when the cost is never considered.  Cancer takes a huge financial toll and the families burn their pockets trying to keep up with the costs.

Cpaa (Cancer Patients Aids Association) is a non-profit organization that has now entered its 50th year. Having its central office at Mahalaxmi. When I heard first about what Cpaa was doing, I immediately wanted to be part of it, and help them in any way I could.

Many a times the period of treatment is so long that the patients often have to give it up for the lack of monetary help. CPAA endeavors to teach the patients or their relatives, a new vocation which helps in providing alternate source of income. Cancer survivors are sometimes left jobless as choosing between receiving treatment or retaining a job becomes imperative because of the time required. Sometimes for parents who have brought their children to Mumbai for their treatment, the cost of simply living becomes unattainable. Cpaa helps in providing them relief at their St. Jude’s facility for the child and a parent. Cpaa also makes possible regular testing for cancer and nominal costs and gives discounted medicines. Cpaa also travels allover Maharashtra and Gujrat holding regular camps for cancer check-up for the under privileged members of our society. After all, early detection can make a huge difference.

It takes a very nominal amount for providing an entire year’s medicines for one child. One birthday dinner is all you might forgo, but that amount can save a life. Though I choose to believe that all of us must be donating to different charities that each of us hold close to our hearts, may I humbly request you to extend your grace and gratitude just a little more. Do check the Cpaa website and if your heart is moved just a wee little bit then do extend a helping hand. If every one of us commits to helping at least one person, you would be celebrating one more life.



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