Chia, Flax, Pumpkin, Sunflower, Sesame and Moringa seeds provide the greatest source of omegas, vitamins and minerals and even a generous amount of protein. They could also be called seeds of health. Big benefits in small packages could be the easiest way to describe them. Seeds are the source of life, so it is impossible that they do not contain the best of all it takes to create and sustain life. However, the best way to eat it would be in its natural form that is, raw. If they are processed, roasted and/or heated in any sort of way, they would lose most of their nutritional value. Most of the seeds can be cold-pressed into oil too. Rich in Vitamin E they are ideal body moisturizers both external and internal.


All of these seeds can be used as a seasoning after the food is cooked, adding crunch and flavor to the food. You can use them in salads, in your sandwiches, sprinkle them on your desserts, fruits, add them to your dough.


You can ground them and use them in milkshakes. Each of these seeds have a distinct taste that will enhance any food. Seeds such as cumin (jeera), fenugreek (methi), coriander (dhaniya) and mustard (rai) are used in daily Indian cooking and even as pickle marinates. Peppercorns are used to enhance spice all over the world. Hemp seed has been used over centuries, ground and mixed as bhang in sweets, in milk and even had as a paste as medicinal value to reduce pain and inflammation. All these seeds are flavorful by themselves they can be had even as a snack mix.


The most known benefits of these tiny nutrition boosters are:

1. Excellent for good skin and hair

2. Rich source of calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium

3. Regulate insulin levels of the body

4. Help in sound sleep

5. Promotes heart health

6. Fight Cancer

7. Boosts exercise performance

8. Fortified with anti-oxidants

9. Protein-packed

10.Improves digestive health

Though they are small in size these seeds provide both soluble and insoluble fiber that aids in digestion. When your gut health is good it improves your kidney and liver function too, immunity levels are raised and your body is able to optimize its’ working. So make a wise decision and include these seeds as a part of your daily diet. Eat healthy, and live strong


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