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Why walking backwards, when one barely manages to take out time to walk forward. The answer lies in your need for greater gains in your neurological physiological fitness. We all have read plenty of times over that your body gets used to a certain movement, and the subconscious mind- movement takes over. It’s only when you do something differently, the mind has to reprogram itself to achieve that target.

It is a proven fact that exercise significantly delays Alzheimer’s, amnesia, and any such mental metabolic slowdown that happens with age or genetic factors. Walking backwards sharpens the senses, improves coordination and mental clarity.

Walking backwards also puts lesser pressure on your knees, as it requires a lesser range of motion of knee joints. So for people with knee injuries or weak knees, this is a very good form of exercise. Lesser pressure also means relief from lower back pain and improved hamstring flexibility.

However, it is very important to try this with a friend who can guide you, be your “eyes”, so that you do not bump into anything or anyone. Start of slowly and then gradually increase speed. This form of exercise activates many unused muscles, strengthening your legs beyond the regular quad and hamstring workout you might be doing.

Regular practice of walking backwards will increase your energy levels revving up your metabolism. We know that a challenge to any routine exercise one does, requires more focus and accelerates your heart rate. This metabolism boost is excellent for heart strengthening. Body consciousness and increased awareness are additional benefits that you reap out of this.

In short, the 10 important benefits of walking backwards are:

· Improves metabolism

· Improves coordination and mental clarity

· Boosts body consciousness and sharpens senses.

· Strengthens less used leg muscles

· Decreases lower back pain

· Reduction in strain on the knees

· Triggers weight loss

· Increases energy level

· Improves sleep

· Strengthens the heart

The new way to fitness, move forward as you walk backward. Energize yourself.



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