We had heard so much about Prague parties that we decided to start off our vacation with the correct mood. Booking a Party Bus (details at the end of the pic) from the airport to our Hotel was the best decision. All our fatigue from the delayed/missed flight, the exhaustion of travel …everything vanished. The DJ had all the retro Bollywood music paying and the bar was completely stocked. There was the shiny disco ball as well as a fog machine and a pole…. Yes!! Literally! The 40min ride to our hotel was one of complete unabashed madness. What a crazy start it was!

For booking a Party Bus:




Our Hotel Intercontinental was right in the center of Prague, with everything at walking distance. The delay in our flight had upset our plan for Prague. We knew we had only one day to make up. Since it was quite late by the time we settled in, we decided to walk to the square near the clock tower, the atmosphere was totally festive due to Easter. The square was lit with festive lights, the Sunday market had small stalls selling their wares as well as food stalls serving hotdogs, trdelniks(chimney cakes), burgers and mulled wine. Skirting the square were restaurants serving Italian, Hungarian and Czech food. Hungry from all that dancing we chose one next to the clock tower so as to be able to watch it chime. Little dwarfs came through the highest windows playing little instruments. Okaayyy, so it isn’t spectacular …but kind of cute.


The next day we ditched our heels for sneakers to walk around the city’s cobbled pathways. The old world charm, with the trams, the portrait artists, the elaborate doors…they really intrigued us. We had to walk up to the castle so as to enjoy Prague’s prettiness too. On the way, we saw trees of cherry blossoms of every hue and we couldn’t but help stop to take pictures.


The way to the castle was a long walk up the steps which did get some of my friends huffing and puffing but the view was worth the trouble. We could see almost the entire city from there. St Vitus Cathedral that stands in the center of it, has stood testimony to coronations of many Czech Kings and the resting place to many Holy Roman Emperors. The Baroque architecture with Loads of Gothic paintings inside are a photographer’s delight.


Though the Palace has lots to see, the Cathedral was all we had time for as we had made our booking at the Marina, a boat restaurant by the Vtlava. We had the most scrumptious meal, basking in the sun while we sipped on our Riesling on the deck of the Marina. But the celebration of my friend’s birthday had only just begun.


We walked over the Charles Bridge, made a wish at the monument of Statuary of the Holy Crucifix and Calvary. Heard the tales of St John of Nepomuk, whose honesty was so revered that it is said that whomsoever touches the statue and makes a wish, it shall come true. There are 2 huge gates of Gothic architecture at each end of the bridge and almost 30statues on it. History in every city is quite intriguing.


We had clocked almost 16kms by the time we were done and our feet we killing us. Fortunately, (God bless the Thai) We saw a Thai massage parlor. So we got ourselves a hot Trdelnik each and gave our feet some TLC. We had tried to pack as much as we could in barely a day and a half. Prague, we knew was left undone, but Vienna beckoned the next day.


The birthday night’s revelry ended at Roxy, where we danced the night away, till we could walk no more. Whoever tells you that 2 days for Prague is enough is not quite right if you do want to enjoy all the city has to offer.

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