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You must see the Wolff Vinery in Vienna. About a 40minute drive across a magnificently beautifully countryside lies the Wolff Vinery. Though it’s not the only one there, it is one of the finest. A huge wooden gate opens into a lovely courtyard, dotted with bright green colored benches with summer umbrellas. Beyond that, lie the vineyards in their expanse of green. Unfortunately, we had landed up in a month where they weren’t really into grape-picking or crushing (post-September is ideal)…but, all the same, it was beautiful.

A brightly painted yellow house had a quaint little restaurant inside, serving the best of accompaniments to go with their house wines.

There was quiche, an array of salads, different sausages, lamb chops, hummus, a variety of cheese, freshly baked bread, apple strudel and much more. Peter, there has the most gracious and courteous staff. Though we did have a language issue, he quickly took over and gave out the instructions immediately as he led us to our table.


Bringing out his best wines for us, he explained their taste-structure, note, color, opacity, and viscosity (wine legs). Not that we were expert connoisseurs, but we could make out his love for what he did. One bottle led to another as it truly was one of the most delicious house wines I have ever tasted. Paired with the baked cheese and hot spinach quiche it was a complete meal for me. But we had to relent when he served us the warmed apple strudel with ice-cream. We all gave our calorie counting a toss for once and indulged completely.

The experience of the winery would be complete only if were there in full season to see the inception of the wine that we had so indulgently wiped off. So promising Peter that we would be back again, we took off.


Website: wienerheuriger.at
Email: wolff@wienerheuriger.at
Tel: +43 (0) 664 947 50 50 / 1 440 23 35


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