You must do the Segway tours. Be it Budapest, Vienna or even Rome. Learning to ride the Segway is an exhilarating experience for sure. Before I tried it at Budapest for the very first time and it was the best part of the trip.



I remember one of my friends warning me about how dangerous it is and that one shouldn’t try it without expert help and helmets and knee pads etc. So I had all these thoughts running in my head before Ruben helped me get onto one. Well, I thought to myself as he assured me that he would not allow me to fall….it’s not that hard. On the contrary it was so much fun. Yes, we require to have a good control of our core so that we make sure that our feet are firmly planted to the Segway foothold. It is like maneuvering a car steering, all that you really need to do is not move your body weight.


For a traveler who has limited time to explore the city and yet cover all its historical and architectural highlights one generally chooses a city bus tour. Smaller European cities I feel have a lot of natural beauty that one misses out on if one is seated in a bus. Though someone more athletic may choose a bicycle tour, it is not always a possibility. Having experienced the Segway tours, I definitely feel the Segway tours might be the best way to see the entire city enjoying its natural beauty without getting tired. The best part being, you can stop at any place of your liking to click a memory.


There are good guides explaining to you how to ride the Segway. They are always helpful and accommodating for someone who is a first timer. So do enjoy childhood again and make this a part of your next trip. Don’t let anyone dissuade you. Go for it and have fun.


Budapest Segway : Tel: +36304250099 Ruben

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    Can you please send me some more pics of you near schezenyi bridge Budapest.

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