World Peace Ambassador, the title conferred to me by Wockhardt comes with a lot of love and responsibility.

Gratitude, humility, forgiveness, love, giving, patience and truth.

We can spread peace only if we imbibe the values ourselves first. Peace begins with respect. Respecting another person, their views, their choices, their wants and needs without berating or downsizing them. Peace comes when we can fill our hearts with gratitude, for all we have, when we have the humility to accept our faults and strive to overcome them and when we hold no grudges by having forgiveness. World Peace is a dream which can be realized if we learn to when we love because all individuals deserve it. When we believe in giving because it is what gives us the pleasure to watch someone else be happy. We have to understand that acceptance has virtues of patience and knowledge combined.

As they say, charity begins from home, so let us endeavor to respect our peers, our friends, family, neighbors, and people that work for us, people that we work for. Having that knowledge gives us the humility to accept what is and grace for what is to come. Look into how you can change within, to be able to change the world. One needs to be at peace with one’s self first. It is important to step away to be able to look at things in a perspective, evaluate the causes and results, only then can you deal with situations. To lead the way, one has to emulate the qualities in one’s own persona. One cannot propagate peace if you don’t change your own perspective.

World peace is not a distant dream but a calling that we all should have. Feel the peace within you and around you and you will automatically become the peacekeepers of the world. Find your own and then spread it.

I feel peace in my children’s arms, in front of God, in a job well done. When I watch the waves of the ocean break on the sand, when I watch birds fly, even when I have finished a good workout and had a satisfying meal or a good night’s rest…peace can be found wherever you want… you just have to have eyes to see it and heart to feel it.

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