You must see the epitome of luxury in the wilderness, Angama Mara. It was a dream come true for me when we drove to the resort in Masaimara, offering the best of the Masai Safaris. I felt I was Simba of The Lion King, being shown his kingdom by Mufasa. Standing atop a cliff overlooking the vast grasslands of the Savanah, the Angama is everything you can ask for.

After a welcome drink at the open bar, Ibrahim gave us a complete description of all that we could expect. But nothing he said was even close enough to the visual awesomeness of the place. We had various options to settle in and intake the beauty around us. We could enjoy the open skies and the expanse of the Maasai at the vantage point, workout at the open gym or simply relax by the poolside.

There were also shops within the resort that sold special items made by the Masai. In the evening we could drive to the Masai village, learn about their lifestyle and see their traditional dance. 

Later, we could enjoy a bonfire dinner under the moonlit Savanah. Sadera, a personal butler assigned to us, elaborated on the spread of cuisine we could choose from. I wanted to do it all and I beamed in anticipation.

The Safari into the Maasai Game Reserve would begin next morning at 6am.  Jackson, our guide to the Maasai adventure introduced himself. He had been at this reserve ever since its inception and was a pro at Game drives, which he had been doing for the last 12 years. A man with such passion for his work was indeed a perfect tour guide.

As we were escorted to our room by James, he explained to us that the resort was purposely kept low lit so as retain the feel of the wilderness, so a Maasai escort would be there every time we wished to come to the main hall. The warmth of their smiles immediately made us feel welcome.

The main hall had a dining place with a cozy fireplace as was replicated in the library which had shelves of good read as well as a collection of various films to entertain us once the sun went down. Television was strategically left out from the decor in the suites. I wondered why….. till I saw the room, and realized that it would be totally irrelevant to the purpose it provided.


Each individual chalet type rooms overlooked the valley below, completely equipped with everything one could ask for. Spread over 400 sq mts, it had a king-size bed with warmers installed for colder nights, a cozy sofa with a woolen throw beside which stood a small tower of interesting and intriguing books on Africa and its animal reserve along with a coffee table book on the Mara. A folding partition separated the room from the luxury tub that overlooked the spacious patio outside. Equipped with a tea table for two as well as two comfort chairs, it was an invite to the peace and tranquility that one can enjoy. An open bath concept with visual access to the green foliage at all times completed the room. The wooden flooring and tent-like ceiling added the rustic feel to this spread of luxury. Each of these chalets was in complete isolation from one another, enabling privacy and oneness with nature. Watching the morning sunrise in bed, with its vibrant colors streak the skies, the changing shape of the clouds as the first rays soaked the grasslands below was a mesmerizing sight.

The Angama Mara was started in 2015, so it is a fairly new property with all the modern amenities. The Airstrip close to the property makes it easily accessible. Tyler and his lovely wife have been the pioneers of this resort that supersedes all the other resorts in the vicinity. The Angama provides the complete Maasai experience with the Game drives booked to your convenience at no extra cost and personalized service all the way including bush walks and bush breakfast if so desired. A very affable and pleasantly warm personality, Tyler enthusiastically told us that the Angama remains booked out for the most part of the year, the season being particularly busy from May to October. But if one wishes to have the Mara to themselves the best months are March and April. December and January being really cold, it may become difficult to enjoy the outdoors.

So for those of you making your minds up for next year’s holidays, do check out the Angama Mara and make it a priority on your wishlist.



    You have elaborated very well journey of this location. It is so pleasant experience to read and see your shared snaps. I hope one day will visit that spot…and would like to mentioned because of Bhagyashree we are here…..

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