I love beetroot, in every form but not many find this a vegetable of interest. It has a crisp but sweet taste when raw and it’s all sweet and mushy after it’s boiled. It is the best non-toxic food color that you can use to liven the look of your dishes, to a bright magenta pink. This color gives us an easy way to see if our liver is functioning well and our digestion is up to the mark. Within 24 hours of eating this veggie, the stool should have a slight reddish variant and the urine should be pale pink. If it takes longer than that it means that your body is not processing food well and effective digestion isn’t taking place.

Beetroot is a power-packed vegetable. An excellent source of Potassium, manganese, phosphorous, calcium, B vitamins, and loads of Anti-oxidant phytonutrients. It is also a source of fiber both soluble and insoluble. Having a high nutritive value of folate, it is an essential source of nutrients during pregnancy. Being high in antioxidants, it helps in combating free radicals and hence is an effective cancer-protective. Betalain, a phytonutrient present in large quantities helps in reducing inflammation. Consumption of beetroot also helps in lowering blood sugar and high blood pressure. With so many health benefits, the beetroot magic, this taproot can be termed a superfood indeed.

Negligible fat and low calorific count, it is a perfect salad ingredient. A perfect add on to dishes in its crisp grated structure when raw. It can be oven-baked into fries or added on into dishes to make them naturally sweet. Adding color to juices, it brightens them to an appetizing form for kids.

Beets have also been known as beauty enhancers, as a lip or cheek color in an era gone by. They can even be used to naturally dye your hair into a burgundy color when pre-mixed with a carrier oil and left in for an hour. In addition to that, it is a great pre-workout drink to enhance gym performance. So do go for your daily boost of anti-oxidants and nitrates whichever way you like them and have that rosy glow.


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