We need energy boosters anticipating a workout, after a workout, to drive away fatigue, to enhance our mood, or even simply refresh our mind. Now, the energy boosters have been added to many hotel menus and restaurant beverage lists. I totally love these nutritional concoctions. Being a mixture of 2 or more fruits or vegetables in a cocktail juice or a smoothie form, they are quick and instant go to, whenever you are feeling down.

My first relation with these started on oxford street in London, a couple of years ago after a drop-dead shopping expedition. Because I chose to drink something green (a kale juice) I was the butt of jokes for the entire trip. My family chided me about not choosing any of the fresh fruit juices over this. But we Indians have always been used to the Ganga-Jamuna (Orange & Sweet Lime mix) or the Mara-Mari (Sweet lime & Pineapple) and I wanted to try something different. The adventurous few have tried the Pinacolada (the virgin one with pineapple and coconut milk) but that was a thing of the past, so I decided to go all out. Kale is a bit bitter so I was intrigued by how they could make that tasty….so that’s what I asked for and it sure was refreshing and rejuvenating, without being heavy on the tummy!


However, these concoctions are here to stay. With the growing stress of time efficiency, many of these recipes make for a perfect meal replacement with complete nutritional value to match whatever you want. So if you’re are having a rushed day or are simply bored to cook, turn on your mixer and reach out for these.

Many a time, I am asked, “What’s a good combo?”

   1. One small Banana, 3 walnuts, half a bowl curds

   2. One small Banana, one apple, 2 dates/one figs

   3. One fig, One date, 4 walnuts, 4 almonds, and half bowl curds

   4. One orange, One sweet lime, 3 slices of pineapple

   5. One tomato, one carrot, one small boiled beetroot

   6. One green apple, three pineapple slices, and some mint

   7. One small Beetroot, one carrot, a thumbnail of ginger

   8. One Carrot, one apple, two pineapple slice

   9. One Cucumber, 2 celery sticks, a thumbnail of ginger

   10. One Celery stick, 4/5 leaves spinach, a small bowl of chopped coriander, some Kale leaves and a squeeze of lemon

The last was what got me hooked onto these quickie mixes. So go ahead and boost your energies.

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  1. Rohini Bhagwat Reply

    Hello mam,
    I really appreciate your fitness at this age
    Can you please suggest post pregnancy weight loss workout

    • Bhagyashree Dassani Post authorReply

      Dear Rohini, first and foremost …congratulations on your little bundle of joy. I hope you are enjoying this uninterrupted time with the little one. Please join my program by writing an email to info”
      for more information about the program , you can read about it on this website too.

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