Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, the day to profess your love, show your love, remember and recreate memories of love. Yet in today’s fast-moving lifestyle, it has lost its value. Sometimes it is overhyped, sometimes undervalued, sometimes used as a barter while sometimes for betrayal. In the world of growing social media and voyeuristic society, Valentine’s Day has often become either the scissor to cut or the stone to engrave the status of your paper-thin relationship.

It is the day when people are “supposed” to declare their relationship status to the world. If one doesn’t do that, then it means that the relationship is in troubled waters or can be heralded as a sign of break up. If one does, then it is a public acceptance of another person’s existence in your life. It is also a time when all the mush going around you, can cause your brain to numb temporarily and allow matters to glide into situations beyond your control. Wake up humanity! Since when is the validation of the society required for true love?

No, no I am not against the public declaration of love. I am against it being used, as a weapon, as a clinger, as a show-off trophy. Love is pure, irreversible, sacred, uplifting yet sometimes painful. Yes, love hurts and yet it is the most effective balm for any pain. There are people who merely use the word to achieve their personal desires and wants. But love is not about you at all, it is about the feeling you have for the other. The feeling that is over-whelming, fulfilling, overflowing, like that of the air and water. Where any constraints cause a disturbance, where any change of direction cause chaos, where any obstacle causes damage. Air, water and love can flow in its fullest, the best in one direction. Any other that comes into contact will have to be in the same flow. Reciprocal air, water or love stops movement, it can remain in a controlled zone only as long as it is equal.

Love makes my world go around, there is no denying that. Nothing can possibly make me change this ideology, no matter what life throws at me. I am not naïve to realise that they have been constraints, chaos and even some damage but that arises only with expectation. The moment that stops, it is the feeling of freedom. Ask yourself, can you feel love, be in love irrespective of what you receive. The validation of what you feel should be within you and you only. Not even the person your love is directed towards has that right over it. Only then will you enjoy love in its purest, most soothing form.

The need for reciprocation is what causes damage, the want for validation from others is what causes craving rather than caring. So this Valentine’s Day open your heart and feel true love. Do things for people you love, without any askance back, to see them smile is the best validation your heart could ever get.

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