You must see and experience a stay at the beautiful Fatehprakash- the Taj of Udaipur. On the banks of Lake Pichola, overlooking the magnificent Lake Palace, it is the most scenic panoramic view that one could ever have.

We reached there in the evening, when the golden rays of the setting sun, set the white makrana marble ablaze with its touch. The sky was a plethora of vibrant colors and the shimmer of the water gave an ethereal feel.

As we entered, we were mesmerized by the music that glided us into another world. Enriched by history, Udaipur has quite a few of these heritage properties that have been converted into Hotels. It has of course been the legacy of Taj to create these architecturally beautiful spaces into a dream holiday for us. Right from the time we entered, the gentle salutations of “Khamakhani” welcomed us. It took us back to another era in time.

We were led to our room of 700sq ft of pure luxury. The curtains opened up to the magnificent aerial view of the Lake Pichola. And as we sat by the windows sipping our ginger tea, the sweet silence of the palace enveloped us. One could actually soak in the peace and tranquillity of the surroundings. Sparkling white marble, enriched with rich carpets, elegant modern furniture, outside each room were well furnished sitting spaces that gave a feeling of your own personal drawing rooms. The Taj Fatehprakash has luxury and cosy comfort entwined beautifully.


Having refreshed ourselves we went for a walk to the gardens that line the property. Well-manicured and lush green, it is a sight for sore eyes indeed. After the hustle-bustle of Mumbai’s hectic life, this is just what we needed.

The GM Mr. Dilip Nair came and met us, his effervescence and passion about this property were clearly visible. The menu, he said was just a skeleton of what the Chef Hemant could make for us. He couldn’t have said it better! It was a gastronomical delight having the varied cuisine for dinner that night. It is indeed a Taj hospitality that makes sure that their guests are given an experience beyond their imagination.

Dilip knew that we were there to bring in my birthday and he made sure that it was exquisite. Dilip had prepared a special setting for us, midst of a fairytale land, where we could enjoy the strategically lit palatial structures all around. People fly to different places around to world to have these astounding dinner settings…but this beat them all.

Be it the Effiel tower, or the Acropolis or the Collosium…none could take the place of this special night arranged for us, at the Fatehprakash. Indeed this was a place where I would want to come again and again.


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