Dead Bugs

Have you ever seen a bug upturned on its back? The scare of being a dead bug, feeling completely vulnerable it untiringly moves its legs in an effort to turn over. The only survival chance it has.


Let’s say dead bugs do that for you too. It is the easiest way to ascertain the workability of various parts of your body. In doing the dead bugs you will come to know your weakest areas. Do you have to work that core? Is your back giving you trouble? Do you have a shoulder rotation issue? Are your hamstrings tight? Do your quads have enough strength to last out when you age?

The simple dead bugs exercise will give you an answer to all that. Lie on you back, spine in a neutral position, core held tight, legs at a 90* angle, arms straight above the shoulders. Now stretch out the diagonally opposite arm and leg, extending them to touch the floor, without moving the other. Make sure your back is pressed to the floor and is not arched while in action. Now gradually bring them back to position and repeat with the other. Repeat each side 10 times, being aware of any aches, pains, while doing so.

This is the one exercise you can do before and after pregnancy. The only one that allows you to strengthen your back and core, without causing any strain or injury to the back. If you cannot touch the back of your palm to the floor, it warns you of an impending shoulder issue. If you cannot touch your foot to the floor without moving the other, it warns you about a back issue.

Dead bugs are an exercise that unfailingly should be a part of your everyday routine to keep you functionally active. It is a stretch you could do before you fall asleep at night. As your strength increases, there are various addons you could do for varied intensity.

1.Using a swiss ball


2.Using a medicine ball


3.Using the extension bands


4.Using weights


5.Using a bosuball


This is the one home workout that I would highly recommend for everyone, age no bar, strength no bar, problems no bar.

The simplest way to strategize to increase strength, coordination and balance in your everyday functional movements without pain. Go for it.


Videocredits forUsing extension bands:Garrett McLaughlin

Videocredits forUsing weights:Muscle & Strength

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    I recently started following you and was quite impressed with your exercises. I will soon start your suggested exercise and would like to know those beautiful black and pink shoe brand you are wearing and from where I can purchase.

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