I am often asked in interviews about a moment or an incident in my life that has been most memorable. It is always difficult to choose. What is it that the people would like to hear, something cheery, something gratifying, something that is emotional or something traumatic? In those brief seconds before I answer my mind spins through the vortex of memories that lie embedded amongst the pages of my life. Then being who I am, I chose that amongst the positive notes, something that would bring a smile to the listener.

Since my movie, Maine Pyaar Kiya has been a part of everyone’s life as such, they are always keen to hear about it. And Salman being a superstar that he is, people always wait for me to tell them more about my interaction with him. When people ask me about incidents that have happened on the set of Maine Pyaar Kiya, I have some memories that are so clear that they can actually have screen-time in my mind. But I ask myself, would it be the same for others involved? I sincerely doubt so.

Understandably Maine Pyaar Kiya was special, as it was the first for all three of us and I am sure when any of us (Soorajji, Salman or me) tell our stories, something from that film will inevitably come up.  But, Salman and Soorajji, both have done so much more work, met so many more people, had so much more experience that the collective memories of all those films, people, incidents must have to be sieved. There will be people who have had so many experiences that, what may seem to have a humongous impact on you, may be just a fading tail-light for them.

For me on the other hand, this was something that impacted my life like nothing equivalent has and infact still continues to do so. So, there is a huge possibility that many incidents that are imprinted in my mind could be cob-webbed for others.

But most memorable memories in my life are not just about the film, and unlike what people would like to imagine, my life has been quite a roller-coaster. People and circumstances that have been impactful. There are no accolades, no feathers in the cap and no laurels won to show what was overcome or accomplished. But, there are very prominent and defining changes and challenges that I have been through. Some of the instances were maybe ordinary, prevalent, or probably inconsequential to most but they were what made me who I am today. I truly believe, every picture in your album has 2 stories, one that is seen and one that is the actual memory of what happened before and during the picture being clicked.

More often than not, the pretty picture is what is shown to the world, while the jagged edges are gossamer veiled. When I meet someone who has accomplished, achieved a lot, I am always tempted to ask what demons have they slayed, what chasms have they crossed, to whom they have lost a battle to win the war. There is always a story untold, that is etched in the memories….and that is what really intrigues me.

We always remember incidents, people, places that matter to us, that have made a difference. Sometimes, for some people, such impactful incidents are so few that those are treasured. They are often replayed in the mind more often to keep them alive. A person who has rarely traveled will remember his/her visit to that destination in perfect detail. They will try and narrate it to others much more as a special memory of their life. But for a person who travels frequently to different destinations, may often forget or mix up the name of the places they visited in a particular city. Hence, sometimes the most striking memories in your mind could be nothing more than faded space to someone else.

I believe that it is important that we enjoy what we do, savor each moment, live a mindful existence. When our memories are more vivid and detailed we can recall each of them with a purpose. Though it is practically impossible to remember all the details of your life, the ones we recollect are always special. We can associate them sometimes with learning, and sometimes with joy. A kind word or an unkind gesture is rarely forgotten. We have often heard the saying, “A person may forget what you did for them but will never forget how you made them feel.” We tend to remember everything leaves an impact on our hearts or mind and the ones that impact the soul are either totally devastating or completely uplifting.

Each of us has our life’s journey, our ups, and downs. Some have the excitement of a feature film with all the love, romance, drama, action, and even the thriller aspect. We are the protagonist of our stories and memories are the chapters of our life that we like to narrate. Make sure yours is interesting.


  1. KKS Reply

    Bhagya Shree is only actress who gave up stardom in 90 ‘tis for the purpose of family life .
    It show how important is family and human emotions to her .
    hats off to the beautiful soul and novel sprit .. of Indian woman .

  2. Rashmi Reply

    Beautifully penned emotions. Your write up is straight from the heart.

  3. Varsha Reply

    Hello Bhagyashree ,
    I have recently started following you on social media and I am everyday delighted with your posts .
    Your smile itself is so blissful to make anyone’s day bright . Love your thoughts and take on life . The depth in your perspective is charismatic.

  4. Neil Mukherjee Reply

    Dear Bhagyashree, I really enjoyed your account and narrative on your life and in life in general. So true are your words that one may even see the tear behind the smile of the Mona Lisa. What is not known to the observer is whether they are tears of joy or of pain behind the smile of the lady who gave her image as the Mona Lisa. Perhaps the artist who painted this art saw something others didn’t within his image of the Lady.

    The camera tells a beautiful story about each actor, each person who takes to the screen. Each smile, each look, each glance of the actors carries some meaning of power and depth to the man or woman behind the camera, this is what filmmaking must be about.

    We must all dare to dream and fulfill everything we can in this lifetime. There is no other life and even if there is, only so few will remember their past life and still be a part of it.

    Krishna is the foundation of all beauty and eternal truth in life and whether we see Him as the Avatar or as Brahman, we cannot but transform all our tears of pain into pure joys of love and forgiveness.

    The ultimate goal of life is to find equality of purpose and being and to strive for justice when justice is broken. Without justice reigning over darkness there can be no forgiveness.

    In this case it is also true that Filmmakers must have a choice to present a story. The choice of the filmmaker must be justified to his audience as to why he/she depicted the artistic take of the film with light or with darkness in a story’s unfolding and subsequent outcome.

    Actors also have a choice and they must stand by this choice on whom they seek to play; the hero, the villain, the friend, the forsaken, the lover, the jester, the observer or the participant, the liar or the persuader. They must represent their creative art and their take on their character in this art.

    In the end we only have a brief encounter with life and with one another and for this I thank everyone and you.


    Neil Mukherjee Esq.

    Filmmaker & Actor.
    Oxford, United Kingdom.

  5. Bhaswar Mitra Reply

    Hello Bhagyashree mam, you pen down perfectly. Yes it’s true, the every bit of it’s true. We the common man always like to see, understand what the stars, the celebritie, the well known person, the successful person thinks about life. How they deal with every situations, challenges, ups&downs, and yes when we get to read this kind of articles It’s make us feel really wonderful. Thank you for sharing. And yes mam you broke many of my friends heart when you disappeared after ‘Maine Payar Kiya “….it was like hell for them to live. But again everyone have their way of thinking to live his/her life, and what you did is right. Still you are a celebrity. Good whishes for you and your family.

  6. harmeet Reply

    Hi Bhagyashree,
    I am from Sydney, Australia. I was in school when this movie was released. There were 2 movies in my teen age that i liked and watched most, QSQT and MPK. I watched both movies nearly 10 – 15 times each. Though Juhi Chawla continued in movies but you left a space. I always waited for your movies. You still look amazing and full of life and inspiring as seen in your videos now. I am also health freak like you. Very content with what I have. Most important thing in my life is health and same thing i advise everyone around me. Hope to see you sometime if life gives a chance.
    Best of luck.

  7. Mohammed Nawaz Reply

    Hello Bhagyashree (suman ji) ma’am, how r u maam… Myself mohammed Nawaz and am from Mysore and am big fan of prem and suman. After watching Maine pyar kiya… thats the best movie, I have ever seen in history of Bollywood till date. I wanna see u and Salman Khan on silver screen again. Mam urs and Salman Khan Jodi is amezing with amezing chemistry till date… Miss u both maam. Maam nor Aishwarya Rai nor Madhuri dixit aur nor Katrina kafi could match a magical chemistry with Salman Khan till date. Wish to see u more and more maam… Really it’s very beautiful Jodi of Salman Khan and Bhagyashree ma’am

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