What is it that motivates you to do what you do everyday? To workout in your 50’s, have a radiant skin and smile? I get this question a lot….and actually the answer is simple too. To better myself. That is my driving force. When I look back at myself, I see someone that was frail, weak and under confident. I had pains and aches, inabilities to perform basic tasks without feeling exhausted and even the radiance of my skin and lustre of my hair had reduced over the years.

Understanding that what worked for you in your 20’s and 30’s will not work for you as you grow older was something I had to learn. Our body is like a computer, that needs to be updated, to reboot itself and needs a clean-up at regular intervals. Like Siri or Alexa it can listen to you, also give you invaluable solutions but its can’t do it on its own automatically.

Something that has worked for you earlier may not work now. Unregulated eating, sleeping patterns, unhealthy habits, stress and procrastination may have been okay when you were younger but everything is going to catch up with you unless you take charge of it. It is often said that if you want change be the change. If there is anything if your body that isn’t going right, then maybe what you are doing isn’t right or not good enough.

The best motivation that anyone could ever have is be a better version of yourself today that you were yesterday. To do that one, you can’t lie back and expect things to happen on their own, you have to work towards it. Even a little progress is fine, as long as you don’t give up. Failure is just one step before success. Have determination and dedication towards your dream/desire.

Why do I do what I do? I want to be able to have mobility and agility to do my work independently and pain free. I want to be able to enjoy good food of my choice without any restrictions or complications of life style diseases such as, diabetes, hypertension, obesity etc. I want to be able to coherent and decisive in my decisions and mentally productive. These are the very basic wants that I think all you might have too. But to make all this possible there is a pathway that has to be set and strategized to be able to accomplished. That is motivation and the perks and effects of following this is what you see.

So, the next time don’t just ask me what motivates me, make sure that what motivates me inspires you to do the same too. Live healthy.


  1. Arunkumar Haridas Reply

    “Our body is like a computer, that needs to be updated, to reboot itself and needs a clean-up at regular intervals”.
    ???? Such a Perfect point you specified in the above post. Absolutely suitable for current lifestyle.

  2. Gunwant kale Reply

    Really nice
    Every one should adopt this life styles and thoughts to become happy and enjoying life

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