Who needs an excuse to eat chocolates right? But I will give you a perfect reason to intensify the chocolate pleasure.…they are extremely good for the skin.

Cacao the main ingredient in dark chocolate has all the benefits. So when you pick up a chocolate that says 60% or 80% cacao, you know the amount of benefits going in. The rest is ofcourse milk and sugars which is the indulgence part of it.

It has the flavanols which are antioxidants that improve the skin texture by reducing rashes, inflammation and acne

It has polyphenols that protect the skin from the harshness of UV rays that means it almost acts like a sunscreen.

Most important, cacao also has copper and magnesium which help in the production of collagen, keeping your skin soft and supple.

Cacao has also been known to have medicinal properties for increasing vitality, alleviating migraine pain, lowering blood pressure.

The only limitation is that he Cacao beans are a tough harvest and that is what makes them expensive. The process is long and labour intensive.

I have always had a fascination of tasting the best dark chocolates. Amongst the ones that I have tried I do love

Amedei, Lindt & Sprungli, Patchi, Bovetti, Republica del Cacao and our Indian bests: Fantasie fine, Cadburys, Bournville.

I use a small piece of dark chocolate to help me up my energies just before a workout. It is the perfect caffeine kick required to push your body. I specially love mine with almonds and sea-salt. So do take a pick of the one you like and boost up your antioxidants and minerals with the taste of something you love. Now you don’t need an excuse as you have a reason.

The darker the chocolate the more the cacao concentration… so ahead and take that small square of dark chocolate and get your boost of benefits.


  1. mohsina Reply

    I have been your fan for long.now I am following you in insta.i am very much impressed by your thoughts.

  2. Arunkumar Haridas Reply

    Interesting madam.
    All your posts are very informative and easy to follow.
    Thanks for posting. Keep it up.????
    (Arunkumar Haridas)

      • Arunkumar Haridas Reply

        I think it’s working…
        I can feel the difference, whenever having choclate before morning workout.I feel little more energetic during in my morning workout.
        Thanks for your information.
        I hope, I won’t be get addicted with chocolates????(this is the only challenge for me????)

        (Arunkumr Haridas)

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