The world is changing rapidly and with it comes the millennial challenge of choice. Inventions and discoveries have compounded choices for easier living. Specialization and detailing have created a spectrum of career choices. Everything you would want to know is at a click of a button. Everything you want is there, right now. Technology has taken over the thoughts, the dreams, the desire and the wait.

The journey from “I dream” to “I want to see” has become miniscule. The distance from “what I see” to “I must have” has become quicker too. But the time from “I must have it” to “I have got it”, has even a greater trek than just working towards the goal. Everything has a variety, everything is amplified, everything has more than just duality in thoughts, decisions, actions and repercussion.

Strangely enough in the process of making life easier it has indeed become more complicated. The world has become more accessible, yet people have become more distant. The more choices there are, its harder to take a decision.

The process of making a dream come true, living towards a desire to achieve something is lost in the sea of possibilities, an ocean of distractions and diversions. Focus and patience has become shorter, and quicker the better is the millennial mantra. Is it really what we wanted?

I remember the time when we had to wait for Sunday our favorite show on TV, or new clothes were bought only for special occasions and outings at restaurants were for celebrations. Each of these were memorable, had sentiments and feelings attached to them. Today does any of this leave an impression. Life is moving in fast forward. Breathing has to be taught, excitement is a rare commodity and boredom is a punctuation from every activity. We studied according to the career we thought we would pursue, developed home management skills according to the basic requirement of values we grew up with. Had savings for the rainy day after the spending on necessities and the remnant was a windfall we enjoyed to the fullest. There was no thought nor effort to change that. Today it works in reverse. Nothing wrong in that if they actually knew what they were really enjoying but that is so momentary that it just doesn’t seem worth it and then the questioning starts, doubts on decisions, confusion on choices.

The grass always seems greener on the other side and they even mange to get there. But once they do, they realize that it was really the sea that had beckoned them by which they have actually trekked to the mountains. They have the accessibility of movement, they shrug off baggage of old belongings, they are brave to move on without hesitation but the constant pursuit of the spectrum, they forget to enjoy the rainbow. There is just too much of everything.

Noone ever has found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, all they did was miss seeing it’s beauty. You have to sit still to enjoy the vivid colors that light up the skies of life. The magic of the colors, different but bound together in one arc, created by a transparent prism of colorless droplets of water.


  1. Sofia Reply

    Very well written..tq mam..
    Somtimes though we know all these things, we still need to here it from someone else to believe our self thoughts..thank you for making me believe my thoughts????

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