Cold showers have many health benefits. “Thande thande paani se nahana chahiye”, …………. when Aanand Bakshi wrote this song, he probably didn’t know its health benefits either. Our tropical Indian climate is conducive to having cold showers too…barring a few months. Certain northern regions may have the extremes of cold weather for a while longer than us but then their summers require this more than ever.

I discovered this actually accidentally after my geyser conked off. I had no choice after a sweaty workout, I had to shower and …. as I stood there with what seemed like an endless wait, I decided to take the plunge. However, after the initial gasp, as I ventured into the streaming shower, I felt my fatigue from the workout wash away.

I couldn’t help but discuss this miraculous recovery with my son. “mom, “ he said, don’t you know all athletes/sportsmen do this and even have a ice bath after rigorous training. Now that was news to me and then it definitely required a study and experimentation on myself to believe and understand this phenomenon.

 Here are the benefits of having a cold shower:

1.It removes muscle soreness after a workout….. muscle recovery is faster.

2.To be able to stand under a cold shower, one needs to breathe long and deep. So strange but true, it makes sure that your lungs open up.

3.It stimulates the immune system.

4. Increases Metabolism…awakens the neurons in your system to get your body alert. The body temperature has to be maintained so when the cold water touches your skin, it causes a blood rush that accelerates the metabolism.

5. It tightens the pores. This is an effective beauty secret too. If one begins with a warm shower that opens up the pores and allows them to be clean and clear with whichever body scrub or product you use and then tighten your skin and close your pores when you end your bath with a cold shower.

Now don’t start shivering at the thought, try it.

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