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Methi, the bitter hard yellow seeds that I call the topaz of the kitchen, have more benefits that you can ever imagine.

They are a powerhouse of minerals and an excellent source of fibre. I have been having soaked methi seeds for over a decade now and I actually can vouch for its benefits. Soaking the methi seeds removes its bitterness and makes it easier to chew too. It is important to chew them well though to get its complete benefits, as the enzymes in your saliva help to breakdown the nutrients into a state where they can be easily absorbed.

Methi is one of the richest sources of iron. So, for people with low haemoglobin levels, this is one easy addition to your meals. One can easily add is to your chutneys, upma and even veggies. It also has magnesium, manganese, calcium and phosphorous along with a decent proportion of protein.

Being a good source of soluble fibre, when had on an empty stomach it helps in controlling appetite by creating a sensation of fullness. It also helps in regulating insulin levels, lowering cholesterol and thereby helping in weight loss. People having a genetic disposition of diabetes should in fact make this a part of their regular diet.

Methi also has progesterone which is good both for women suffering from menstrual cramps and pains as well as those suffering from hot flashes in their menopause. Indian

tradition also has the addition of methi in the food of women just after delivery as it increases the flow of milk for the baby.

Apart from the host of benefits that methi has with ingesting it, it also is excellent for your hair. I regularly apply a combination of methi and coconut milk to my hair to nourish it and add to its softness. Methi has lecithin which moisturizes the hair as well as nicotinic acid that reduces hair fall.

I hope you too will try and make this gem a part of your routine.

16 thoughts on “BENEFITS OF METHI

  1. Rajni abrol Reply

    I really like ur thoughts ,u are brave girl, I am very fatty. Lady, thyroid, stress, but not getting any benefit from any thing I do suggest

  2. Meetu Reply

    Hello Mam,
    Can thyroid patient also drink methi water and if yes how much quantity

  3. Steph Reply

    Love it. I’ve been drinking everyday since you did this video. Thank you. Happy Diwali!

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