For the love of Coffee

There are coffee drinkers and then there are tea totallers and the twain rarely meet. I love my coffee and I will always find the right reasons to enjoy my cuppa.

The best coffee beans are sourced from South America (Brazil, Colombia) & from South Africa (Ethiopia, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Tanzania to name the top ones). Though many countries have coffee plantations, these are the largest producers and also have the oldest origins of coffee. Indonesia and Vietnam also produce huge crop of coffee beans. We in India also have our coffee plantation coming with some really gourmet tasting roasts.

There are coffee connoisseurs who will talk in length about their aroma, the tannins, the roast etc but I am merely going to state the health benefits that might actually cause some conversions from the tea into the coffee bracket.

  1. Coffee has polyphenols, which are antioxidants which can help in reducing free radicals that harm your internal organs.
  2. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which enhance liver functioning.
  3. It reduces the chance of being prone to Type 2 Diabetes
  4. It reduces your risk of getting Parkinsonís and Alzheimerís
  5. If this isnít good enough, research is on to substantiate coffee for inhibiting Cancer.

With just 2 calories, it is great to keep your weight in check. A perfect in between meals beverage for those trying to keep their unhealthy eating habits at bay. Coffee inhibits the hormone ghrelin, the hunger hormone, keeping those cravings away.

Though all these benefits come with a condition of having just a nominal 2 to 3 cups a day only. Having anything in excess can lead to other outcomes like acidity, accelerated heart rate etc. It is preferable that it is had without sugar. Just a dash of milk could be added for flavour if one canít have it black.

I enjoy my coffee as it re-energizes me and rejuvenates me in a jiffy. It is also a great pre workout boost, a mood enhancer and a jump alert to an otherwise slump that one might suffer mid-afternoon.

Well, tea drinkers are you ready to rock the boat and join the coffee catamaran?

6 thoughts on “For the love of Coffee

  1. Zen Reply

    I love coffee,but due to acidity I don’t drink, as it suits me sometimes n sometimes I feel heat in my stomach n body. Can u plzz tell me the reason

  2. Shevam Reply

    You prefer making coffee in machine or using traditional method. What’s your cup of coffee ?????

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