Are you bananas? It’s almost used as a bad word and I often wonder why? Today’s so-called “health-conscious” people shun the fruit and have developed an aversion to it. The only problem with it is that it is a staple for the common man. But that is why it is the most interesting.

A fruit that has enough nutrition, provides energy, is not expensive, is available throughout the year, should be infact heralded as the best. “But what about the calories?” I can hear you ask, “Isn’t it fattening?” So I must now enlist all the attributes of this simple fruit to get your attention.

  1. Best sources of Vit B6 : It helps the body process and use energy from carbohydrates and proteins
  2. Mood enhancer : It helps to produce serotonin and dopamine, giving us a feeling of satiation and satisfaction
  3. Reduction of cramps : The combination of potassium and Magnesium reduces painful cramps that can occur during menstruation or even workouts
  4. Supports your immune system
  5. Helps to create haemoglobin in blood cells
  6. Helps in bone health : As one ages, bone density goes down and osteoporosis almost seems inevitable. Calcium supplements can sometimes lead to constipation, weight gain, absorption of the supplement may even damage the arteries of the heart.
  7. Lowers blood pressure
  8. Rich in fiber : Eases digestion, reducing constipation
  9. They do not contain Fat : So weight- watchers need to check some distorted facts that have being doing the rounds.

What bananas do contain which maybe a of concern to some are sugars and carbohydrates. But in moderation of one or two bananas a day is a good source of energy for one’s daily tasks. The fruit if combined rightly with a decent amount of protein can be a nutritious meal by itself. The fibre in the fruit regulates the sugar intake and the insulin levels of your body. The B6 helps the body to absorb and utilize all the carbs. This is a fruit that is packed with many other vitamins and minerals. It has been unduly side-lined by the “waist-conscious” public.

For me, it is my go to meal when I’m on the run, feeling low or having a sudden hunger pang. It takes care of me in all the scenerios. So using it in your daily routine, even as a replacement meal may turn out to be the wisest decision you could make for your health.


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