I am often asked in interviews about a moment or an incident in my life that has been most memorable. It is always difficult to choose. What is it that the people would like to hear, something cheery, something gratifying, something that is emotional or something traumatic? In those brief seconds before I answer my mind spins through the vortex of memories that lie embedded amongst the pages of my life. Read More

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Redesigning My Approach To Life

Life and the world around us, is confusing and exhausting (even when we aren’t in the middle of a pandemic). Contrary to idealistic fiction that everyone spews as ‘wisdom’, it’s not wine it doesn’t just get better with time. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. Read More

That night I stayed up thinking about you.

There’s a trend out there to not be in a relationship or be in a relationship for the wrong reasons. Shouldn’t it be easy and we should just know or should we work towards reaching there day in day out with our significant other? You know a true relationship isn’t all rainbows and butterflies there are a lot of ups and downs and a lot of smiles and frowns. Read More

Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, the day to profess your love, show your love, remember and recreate memories of love. Yet in today’s fast-moving lifestyle, it has lost its value. Sometimes it is overhyped, sometimes undervalued, sometimes used as a barter while sometimes for betrayal. Read More


It all started out with my movie, Maine Pyaar Kiya. The dialogue, “Dosti ka ek usul hota hein, no sorry, no thank you.” But people conveniently forgot the first line that specifies that it is a rule of friendship. Read More

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I believe that thankfulness or gratitude is crucial for growth. Worldwide people celebrate thanksgiving with their families, with people they care about. Though the practice was started for different reasons in different countries Read More


The mere mention of Cancer sends almost a tremor down our spine. It is no longer a word that we read about or see in films and documentaries. The spread of Cancer is now almost an epidemic. Each of us have someone in the family or our friends suffering from this deadly disease. Read More


Walking on a tight rope, skydiving, surviving in a jungle, all seem like easy feats as compared to parenthood. Here the fear factor rules! The fear of failing as a parent is so great that most of us end up transferring that to our children. Read More


Why do men always want what they don’t have, and don’t like what they have? Here I am, trying to decipher an answer to a question that remains unanswered down centuries. Another man’s house, car and wife always seem better Read More


I am often asked, “What happened after MPK?” and my answer is MPK: “Maine Pyaar Kiya”. I was so much in love that ..that is all that mattered. Read More