You must experience the Udaipur Tales Story Telling Festival, “Udaipur Tales” mooted by the super sassy Sushmita and the sauve Salil was held at the Park Exotica resort this year. Three days of story-telling, shopping, gourmet food and festivities. Read More


Once home to the saltwater crocodiles, the Phang Nga Bay now houses only dolphins and turtles. Coveted for their skins, for the huge bag and belt market of Bangkok, due to excessive poaching over the years the crocodiles became extinct. Read More


You must see Jaisalmer, the city that lights up under the sun. Made of yellow sandstone, exuding a warm golden glow, it translates into the most mesmerizing view. I had heard so much about it, that I was waiting eagerly for an opportunity to see it. Read More


You Must See the Ganesh Celebrations of Sangli.
Amidst enchanting melodies and Vedic hymns and chants with three lakh devotees in attendance, a procession proceeding royally with the horse dance and elephants in tow, women drawing Rangoli running ahead of the procession for over two and half miles Read More

+91 India Calling

You must have a taste of India in the culinary delights that restaurant “+91 India Calling” has to offer. Set in one of the non-descript by lanes of Juhu, it is casual and yet very stylish. From the artistically designed window sculptures to the lamps that hang from the ceilings, it is funky for sure. Read More

The Quan Spa

You must visit the Quan spa in Bangkok to experience the true meaning of pampering. It is indeed luxury redefined. The tranquil pool at the entrance already set the mood of what to expect. Read More

Gangaram Temple

You must visit the Gangaram Temple in Colombo, Srilanka. The peace envelopes you as soon as you step inside. The huge Statue of Buddha though overpowering has a surprisingly calming effect. Read More

Come Alive at the Dusita Spa

You must try one of the best spa services at Koh Samui, which are easy on the pocket too. The Dusita Spa has special rooms that cater to specified therapeutic massages and with regular salon services, haircuts, color, the manicure n pedicure too. Read More

Pammukale : An ice fantasy

Pammukale means cotton castle, the limestone covered mountain looked more like ice formations in Iceland. The terraces formed on the slopes were filled with milky blue water. The limpid pools were warm and had a steady flow due to the hot springs. One cannot really define the beauty of the visual, it is surreal. Read More