Pammukale : An ice fantasy

Pammukale means cotton castle, the limestone covered mountain looked more like ice formations in Iceland. The terraces formed on the slopes were filled with milky blue water. The limpid pools were warm and had a steady flow due to the hot springs. One cannot really define the beauty of the visual, it is surreal. Read More


We had left the lovely island of Santorini after getting completely lost in the glow of the mesmerizing sunset. Dinner on the yacht in the finest Rosenthal and wine in Belgian crystal ware and we were ready to set sail. Read More


The lush gardens amongst the white sandstone fortress unveiled themselves with such beauty that I yearned for more. The episode of “GAMES OF THRONES” ended and my quest began… where was this exotic locale? Read More

Sea, Spa n Samui

‘Had we landed straight at the resort?’ I wondered as I looked out of the window of the plane. There were flowering gardens, small ponds, neatly thatched rooftops that shaded the small villa like entry points…this was the Samui Airport. Read More


Two days, that’s all I had. We were in London but my gypsy heart wasn’t satisfied. “Who flies to Spain for 2 days?” my hubby glared at me in annoyance. “Mi amor, hacemos”(My darling, we do), I put on my Spanish vocabulary in play and batted my long eyelashes at him. Read More