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Shoulder mobility is taken for granted, and who more than I would know, having suffered due to my negligence. My pain threshold being pretty high, I simply disregarded the fact that we are not meant to live in pain. Simply because that’s the only joint that can pivot a full circle, move in all directions, we think it’s capable of just about anything. The rotator cuff allows your arm to move up/down/sideways and perform all your tasks almost subconsciously. Read More

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Why walking backwards, when one barely manages to take out time to walk forward. The answer lies in your need for greater gains in your neurological physiological fitness. We all have read plenty of times over that your body gets used to a certain movement Read More

Yoga pose
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Yoga is the brand new “in” word in the world of fitness. Never has there been so much mileage given to a mode of acquiring good health. Though the oldest forms of yoga can be listed as Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, they have several versions that have been re-created by the new age gurus. Read More