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Functional training is all about creating, maintaining and/or increasing the capability of your body to do its daily tasks pain free. I am often asked what kind of exercise do I follow. When I say, “Functional Training” people are a bit confused. They often turn around and reconfirm, “Means yoga right? Read More


What is it that motivates you to do what you do everyday? To workout in your 50’s, have a radiant skin and smile? I get this question a lot….and actually the answer is simple too. To better myself. That is my driving force. When I look back at myself, I see someone that was frail, weak and under confident. I had pains and aches, inabilities to perform basic tasks without feeling exhausted and even the radiance of my skin and lustre of my hair had reduced over the years. Read More

Ghee – The Indian Nectar

Ghee is called the Indian nectar by the western cultures that are gradually opening up to the deep wisdom of our Indian food culture. Why is it that we need the west to influence us on what is good for our health when we have had that wealth forever. Read More

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An interesting discovery for me as I began reiterating my journey towards better health was the term Neurokinetic therapy. Neurokinetic Therapy is used to assist movement, reimburse strength and help in achieving pain free movements Read More


I believe that reality is just a perspective; it really is mind over matter. What you believe, you can achieve. When I suffered from calcification of my shoulder and subacromial bursitis of rotator cuff I was told undoubtedly that I would require a surgery. Read More


I just happened to see the film, “Lipstick under my burkha”, and I absolutely loved it. Lives of five women, so different in their own lives and yet their stories intermingled to one simple question, “Do we not exist?’ Though the film, “Lipstick under my burkha” took the narrative on lines of freedom of women’s sexuality, the more poignant question that arose was that of their individuality. Read More


“I can manage my entire day with just 4/5 hrs of sleep” Innumerable people are heard saying that across the board of all ages, young and old. It’s a phenomenon that is gradually becoming a sort of epidemic. My question is “Why should you manage? Why shouldn’t you want to get up feeling completely rested?” Read More