Budapest Ruin Bars

You must see the Budapest Ruin Bars if you are visiting Budapest because that’s what it is really famous for. Situated in the Pest part of Budapest, it is in a not so up-market area. Like the Soho of London, you can walk around the area visiting one ruin bar to another. Read More


Collagen is the largest protein bank in our body. It is found in bones, tendons, muscles and skin. It is the scaffolding that holds the body together. They have the tenacity of steel and the elasticity of rubber. Though to the layman collagen is associated mainly with youth and beauty. Read More


Sweet potatoes are a perfect healthier replacement for potatoes. They can be cooked in the similar way, into the similar dishes or even had on their own just as one would with potatoes. Yet they have more benefits than the regular potato for most people trying to lose weight, or searching for a “carb” replacement. Read More


The gluten controversy has taken the world of the health industry by storm. It has harbored a thousand questions, created a market of variant grains while constructing a million opportunities for various gluten free products. Read More


Jeera also known as cumin has many more benefits than you can possibly imagine. This little tiny gem is packed with anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. Roasted jeera has deep aromatic flavors and is often the first ingredient in Indian cooking. Read More


In today’s world of fast stressful lives, heart health is the number priority on everyone’s mind. Yet, apart from the basic knowledge that ads provide to sell their products, most of the people are completely lost on how to better it every day. Read More


Serotonin is the hormone which gives us that feeling of contentment and satisfaction. It’s also called the feel good hormone.It is a hormone that gives us a feeling of happiness, well-being which we can easily maintain throughout the day Read More

+91 India Calling

You must have a taste of India in the culinary delights that restaurant “+91 India Calling” has to offer. Set in one of the non-descript by lanes of Juhu, it is casual and yet very stylish. From the artistically designed window sculptures to the lamps that hang from the ceilings, it is funky for sure. Read More