Home workouts are a validation of loving yourself enough not to make excuses like, to give your body the care it deserves. We must learn to prioritize health to be able to live well. It is imperative that we infuse stamina, agility Read More


The gluten controversy has taken the world of the health industry by storm. It has harbored a thousand questions, created a market of variant grains while constructing a million opportunities for various gluten free products. Read More

Good morning India

Let’s begin today with a good Indian breakfast. Eat breakfast like a king, a nutritional advice that we have heard many a times. And we are spoilt for choice in our country, where food plays such an important part of our daily lives, celebrations and social fabric. Read More


Any illness as most doctors will say has its inherent cause boiling down to one major cause – Stress. In today’s fast paced world in the anxiety to do everything and more we are constantly battling this enemy. Read More


It usually dawns on us around this age that we have been neglecting our bodies. Fit at 40 becomes a mantra we would all like to live by and turn around the last couple of years of being nonchalant about our lifestyles. Read More


“Walking”, it’s something every person even those hating to exercise are willing to give a try. Serotonin is a hormone that is a mood enhancer. So what could be a better mood perk up than the freshness of a walk outdoors or the company of a treadmill partner. Read More

Constipation – Do you care a shit?

The poop chart for constipation was sent to me and like one would normally react I went “ewwww!” But when I actually thought about it, it occurred to me that this was hardly an alien subject. Even films are being made on the subject, “Toilet- ekpremkatha”, “Piku” and “Dehli belly” The over use or under use of the toilet is always an issue. Read More