Queens Necklace

You must take a walk on the Queen’s necklace to just get the feel of being in Mumbai. Make sure you choose the right months though, the heat may not allow you to appreciate it’s beauty to the fullest. After the home returning traffic has died down, choose a Monday if you don’t like crowds. Read More

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You must enjoy this simple ride to be able to appreciate beauty of nature up close. I never thought I could do it though, too afraid of falling into the water but if you have an experienced guide, it can be the most serene experience like I had. Read More


The T.V.new series that I have been totally hooked on to…. A world created by humans like a theme game park with humanlike creations which are controlled by storylines that are implanted into their minds complete with back stories and monitored responses only to cater to the carnal fantasies of the visitors. Read More


YOU MUST GO TO…. This quaint place, my girlfriends and I love to hang out at. Perfect for all our girlie afternoon chatter and even better in the evenings with our hubbies/beaus for the most chilled ambience, lovely food and efficient service. Read More