You must see†the New York Cafe in Budapest. Before I went, I really wondered why it was called so. But once I was there I got it. New York will be New York and if one were to go by the grandiose of the structure, it is difficult to call it anything else. Read More


Vienna, the capital of Austria, the home to the legendary Morzat and Beethovan. You can feel it in the air, the music, the vibe. Cobbled pathways interlinked with the paved ones, horse-drawn carriages that offer a ride around the city with the old world charm. Read More

Budapest Ruin Bars

You must see†the Budapest Ruin Bars if you are visiting Budapest because thatís what it is really famous for. Situated in the Pest part of Budapest, it is in a not so up-market area. Like the Soho of London, you can walk around the area visiting one ruin bar to another. Read More


Barely 3 hours from Udaipur, in the languorous hills of Aravali lies the exquisite temple of Ranakpur. I had been wanting to go there for the last couple of years. My trips to Rajasthan always took me to varied destinations but I always missed the opportunity Read More


The lush gardens amongst the white sandstone fortress unveiled themselves with such beauty that I yearned for more. The episode of “GAMES OF THRONES” ended and my quest began… where was this exotic locale? Read More

Sea, Spa n Samui

‘Had we landed straight at the resort?’ I wondered as I looked out of the window of the plane. There were flowering gardens, small ponds, neatly thatched rooftops that shaded the small villa like entry points…this was the Samui Airport. Read More