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Methi, the bitter hard yellow seeds that I call the topaz of the kitchen, have more benefits that you can ever imagine. They are a powerhouse of minerals and an excellent source of fibre. I have been having soaked methi seeds for over a decade now and I actually can vouch for its benefits. Soaking the methi seeds removes its bitterness and makes it easier to chew too. It is important to chew them well though to get its complete benefits, as the enzymes in your saliva help to breakdown the nutrients into a state where they can be easily absorbed. Read More


I am often asked, “What happened after MPK?” and my answer is MPK: “Maine Pyaar Kiya”. I was so much in love that ..that is all that mattered. Read More


I just happened to see the film, “Lipstick under my burkha”, and I absolutely loved it. Lives of five women, so different in their own lives and yet their stories intermingled to one simple question, “Do we not exist?’ Though the film, “Lipstick under my burkha” took the narrative on lines of freedom of women’s sexuality, the more poignant question that arose was that of their individuality. Read More