Yes ! its is a berry with loads of antioxidants. It was also called the Chinese gooseberry .A native of China, it had its name changed because of export policies when it was brought to New Zealand. Read More


We can be all that we want to be -Join me for Back2Basics. The secret to good health is in our hands. All that is required is the understanding of how we can enhance the benefits that our daily food has to offer. Read More

Yoga pose
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Yoga is the brand new “in” word in the world of fitness. Never has there been so much mileage given to a mode of acquiring good health. Though the oldest forms of yoga can be listed as Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, they have several versions that have been re-created by the new age gurus. Read More


Down the centuries, Indian spices have been known to have many a medicinal value. Infact sometimes spices were even a mode of payment, such was their value. In today’s cuisine we rarely realize the importance that they have in maintaining our health. Read More

Good morning India

Let’s begin today with a good Indian breakfast. Eat breakfast like a king, a nutritional advice that we have heard many a times. And we are spoilt for choice in our country, where food plays such an important part of our daily lives, celebrations and social fabric. Read More

Hip raises for a strong core

Hip raises is a simple pilates exercise with multiple benefits. Hip raises done correctly is one of the most effective exercises post pregnancy. It can even be done by the elderly as it is a functional movement that will help in the hip and upper leg muscle strengthening to prevent hip injury Read More