What is it that motivates you to do what you do everyday? To workout in your 50’s, have a radiant skin and smile? I get this question a lot….and actually the answer is simple too. To better myself. That is my driving force. When I look back at myself, I see someone that was frail, weak and under confident. I had pains and aches, inabilities to perform basic tasks without feeling exhausted and even the radiance of my skin and lustre of my hair had reduced over the years. Read More

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The world is gradually opening up, learning a new way to live after the scare of the pandemic. With most of international travel on hold this year, I am so happy that I managed to experience the Kenyan Safari in good time. This had been on my bucket list and my want for a vacay to the Masai Mara had been postponed indefinitely ever since the kids grew up. So, when this trip was suddenly planned by my friends, I jumped at the opportunity. Having grown up watching National Geographic rather than cartoons, the love for animals and wildlife was ingrained into my psyche. Read More


In today’s competitive world, everyone wants to get somewhere and get there fast. Is there really a perfect plan for success or even a yardstick to measure success? What really matters is your achieving the goal you have set for yourself. Read More

A Daughter's Mother


There is something about having a daughter! She changed my world and then drew me into that special world that I built around her. They called it blind love, pampering and even obsession for a while then they realized it wasn’t what I did but how I felt inside. Read More