The new age world is waking up to abuse in a different form, emotional and mental abuse. It’s not as if it has suddenly spawned or that it hasn’t existed before. But we as a society now have become aware of its possibility and the trauma associated with it. The hurt is never seen, only felt, and in many cases not even realized. Read More

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Redesigning My Approach To Life

Life and the world around us, is confusing and exhausting (even when we aren’t in the middle of a pandemic). Contrary to idealistic fiction that everyone spews as ‘wisdom’, it’s not wine it doesn’t just get better with time. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. Read More

That night I stayed up thinking about you.

There’s a trend out there to not be in a relationship or be in a relationship for the wrong reasons. Shouldn’t it be easy and we should just know or should we work towards reaching there day in day out with our significant other? You know a true relationship isn’t all rainbows and butterflies there are a lot of ups and downs and a lot of smiles and frowns. Read More

Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, the day to profess your love, show your love, remember and recreate memories of love. Yet in today’s fast-moving lifestyle, it has lost its value. Sometimes it is overhyped, sometimes undervalued, sometimes used as a barter while sometimes for betrayal. Read More


Walking on a tight rope, skydiving, surviving in a jungle, all seem like easy feats as compared to parenthood. Here the fear factor rules! The fear of failing as a parent is so great that most of us end up transferring that to our children. Read More


Being healthy shouldn’t be an option. It’s not just a saying “Health is wealth”, it truly signifies the way you live your life. Money can probably buy you most of the things except health and happiness. Read More


Living in the moment is easier said than done as we all tend to dwell upon the times that have gone by, mistakes committed, broken promises, sometimes even past laurels and accomplishments can be a hindrance. Read More


Isn’t life worth living without this constant need to be what others want us to be? This question popped up with the untimely demise of the iconic star, Sridevi. Was it this projection that led her to be under pressure and be the cause of her passing away? Read More


Can we become a Santa for someone this Christmas? Remember as a child we would wait up the nights hoping to catch a glimpse of him somewhere. Then get all… Read More


You can choose to be happy. Happiness is not a reaction, it is not even an action that requires a reaction. It is a state of being. We look at… Read More