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Managing your mind is not something we are ever taught how to do. We say education helps to expand your mind but we are rarely educated on how to learn. Many people struggle to understand, while others are flustered with memory issues. Often ragged about their incompetency, the kids are either put into the dyslexic or dumb brain category. Fortunately, in the recent times, movies like Tare Zameen par did create an awareness about this issue for children. Yet how can we help adults who can’t cope with these issues.

Alzheimer’s or dementia is not a distant reality for those people. It is something we crawl towards with every passing year. Little to do people know that its genes germinate as early as in the 20’s. And, if it is left unfettered can create troubles as you age. Even a normal person has faced embarrassment, loss of time or a valued client or job because of having forgotten something. Memory can enhance your life, help create and nurture relationships, hon greater skills. The biggest question is, how do we do it?

If you believe it, then you become it. That is the biggest mantra of to get over this hurdle. Stop saying that you are forgetful, that you can’t seem to remember, that you tend to forget things easily. Your mind learns to believe what you say. So, train yourself into a different you. When you create habits, habits create you. So, coach yourself to do what you want to do.

Cognitive function of the brain can be enhanced by simple everyday routines that can easily be woven into your daily life.

  1. Begin your day by making your bed – A simple act that kick starts your day by conducting clarity by clearing a mess.
  2. Brush your teeth with your left hand – It is an exercise that awakens your grey cells in the morning. Since it’s not what you do normally, you trigger your brain to start giving signals.
  3. Hydrate, drink water – Our body is 70 % water. For our brain to be fluid to receive and retain, we need to supply the tissues with the flow of energy.
  4. Cold shower – It is known to release hormone, norepinephrine which is a calming hormone for people who face early morning anxiety. To remain in a colder shower, you have to breathe long and slow.
  5. Eat brain food – A good nourishing meal containing Omega 3’s which boost brain capacity is important to begin your day.
  6. Exercise – Co-ordination of the mind and muscles improves cognitive retention. Even a simple 10 mins of aerobic activity kick starts the neurological functions.
  7. Have a positive peer group – Nothing can replace the power of a kind word, a smile or a loving touch.
  8. Sleep – Unless our brain is rested, it cannot repair itself. Scientifically, it is only when we sleep, that our brains can remove toxins.
  9. Hear, say, write Repeat – Our brain processes differently when we hear, speak and write. It is important that we do all 3 to consolidate memory.
  10. Kill negativity – Get rid of negativity and fear. It takes up tangible space in your brain. To absorb, we must let go.

Managing your mind is a step by step process of your daily life. Introducing some basic habits are like refuelling and exercising your brain to work better. Stop using the excuse and find the solution.

7 thoughts on “MANAGING YOUR MIND

  1. Arun Reply

    Nice tip’s dear angel.Not..! just doctor only can advice or treated but one who have knowledge and concerned about can do.

  2. Anandi????? Nath Reply

    Perfect msg n nicely Coverall topics ????from
    Beautiful Angel ????

  3. Kamran Khan Reply

    Why so much thumbs down?it is a good article with general knowledge,nothing is harmful in this article from my POV????mental sickness is a major problem nowadays in global,and most of us ignore these problems coz symptoms of mental illness are not easily distinguishable like physical health problems,I am not an expert may be some points of this article are not scientific for some people but for me it is a good article????????????

    • Bhagyashree Dassani Post authorReply

      Thank you for your observation. It is not just a doctor who can help you. one has to learn how to help one’s self too and if we believe that we are our best friend and can be our worst enemy, we can select/ choose the right path to walk on for ourself.

    • Bhagyashree Dassani Post authorReply

      In fact this article is not about mental illness but the problem of forgetfulness which could be the onset of Alzheimer’s or Dementia… it is about how we can be more self-aware, more mindful of the things that we do.

  4. Bahnisikha Ghosh Reply

    Good one…??
    Do you know bengali language?
    I am from Santiniketan, Bolpur…
    Take care Ma’am…????

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