Positivity does not come from a single thought but from an everyday process. It is an emotion that we need to encompass in our lives on a daily basis like your vitamin intake. There will be a million things that could go wrong or are going wrong but your perception towards that is what will create the stepping stones to positivity.

Gratitude and mindful living are the biggest contributors to feeling happy and content. We can choose to see the world around us crumbling or see ourselves shedding an old skin to emerge stronger, wiser and better.

The present situation of the Covid-19 Pandemic has created fear, anxiety, depression, worry, loss and may more negative emotions that we possibly could imagine. We are constantly anticipating the worst even before we go through it. Battling with these thoughts constantly in every wakeful hour and even whilst we are asleep is causing far more problem that we are actually faced with.

We are cautious, we are revamping our hygiene, we are maintaining the standard protocol of social distancing and yet we feel swamped. Harnessing our thoughts is important to create positivity.

These are simple things that one should do :

1. Avoid reading the news first thing in the morning. News always has headlines on negativity cause that it what it takes to get attention. When we begin our day like that, we increase the stress levels in our body. The cortisol levels remain spiked up throughout the day.

2. Avoid reading the statistics on social media. Even if we wish to remain abreast of what is going on around us, find a valid source. Reading up on social media via forwarded whatsapp messages, tweets will only create misinformation and elevate your worries.

3. Avoid constant focus on this topic only. There will be well meaning friends and relatives who will show concern but an addition of how they are worried will only aggravate your own.

4. Use this time productively. The time you have right now is completely at your disposal without any interference. Use it wisely to enhance skills, learn something, build on relationships at home by contributing to each otherís happiness.

5. Create a positive peer group. Friends that donít allow you to feel low, that make you laugh, that take your mind off your worries. These are people that you should talk to.

Positivity is about seeing a glass half full rather than half empty, seeing a silver lining to every cloud, seeing a rainbow through the rain. Happiness is a state of mind, it is a choice we make not an action or a reaction to circumstances or situations. When we have gratitude, we become mindful of all that we have, all that we wish to preserve. In doing so the sense of fulfilment brings joy and contentment.

It is natural and human to feel worried with all that is happening so channelizing your thoughts towards positive vibes is a something one has to veer towards everyday till it becomes a habit.

Positivity can be enriched by love, learning, interest, hope, serenity, faith, achievement, awe, food, exercise, meditation and some of the simplest things in life. Things that are there within your reach at home, with your family, within your brain and heart. So, begin with these stepping stones to positivity.


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    U r soo beautiful and my favourite actress always 1989 to till date

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    Letter reached ????”kabuttar ja kabuttar ja phele ……………kabuttar ja ja”????????????

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